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Patient Portal

By logging into the patient portal, I am accepting this Agreement, and I agree to the following rules for utilizing the ElationPassport Patient Portal from Lenzmeier Family Medicine.

  • I understand that the ElationPassport Portal is NOT to be used for urgent or emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, I will call emergency medical services or 911 or go directly to the emergency room.
  • I understand that it may take 24 hours to receive a response to an online request. If I do NOT receive a response within 24 hours, I will contact the Practice at (623) 376-8000.
  • I understand that I will not receive a response to an online message on weekends or holidays. If my medical concern is more urgent, I will contact the on-call doctor by calling (623) 376-8000.
  • I understand that I should remember to log out and close my browser when I am finished accessing the password-protected portal services. This prevents someone else from accessing my personal information if I leave or share my computer or use a public computer (i.e., like a library, kiosk, or internet cafe).
  • I understand that the terms and conditions of this user agreement may change periodically. Such modifications will take effect immediately upon posting on the website. I understand that I should review the agreement routinely for changes and modifications.
  • I understand that access to ElationPassport will be monitored through a logon audit.
  • I understand that my access to ElationPassport may be denied if I violate any of the terms of this agreement.

Our Mission at Lenzmeier Family Medicine is to be the best primary care doctors to our patients and their families. Our practice encompasses all age groups including children older than 5 years, adults, and geriatric patients. We emphasize continuous, comprehensive, and family-centered health care through open communication and mutual respect. We believe in minimizing risk of developing disease through prevention, evidence-based medicine, and healthy choices. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a high level of satisfaction for each patient.


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