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Clinical Research

Lenzmeier Family Medicine has been providing research opportunities to our patients and the community for several years. When you join a clinical trial, you will receive tests and study medication at no cost, an opportunity to learn more about your medical condition, and financial compensation for your time and travel. Once you join a clinical study your participation may last anywhere from one visit to several weeks, or possibly several months in length. You will be given all the details of the study before you join and can choose not to participate at any time. A large percentage of people who participate in our clinical trials have a rewarding experience.

Clinicla Trial Chart

In medicine, a clinical study is a type of research that evaluates new drugs in a controlled setting and is required before new drugs can be marketed. Trials may be designed to assess the safety and effectiveness of an experimental therapy, to assess whether the new intervention is better than the standard therapy, or to simply compare how effective one already marketed drug is to another.


The process to participate in a clinical trial with Lenzmeier Family Medicine is simple. There are certain requirements that must be met to be eligible to participate in a clinical trial such as age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous and current treatments, and other medical conditions. Medical insurance is not required to participate in clinical trials or to receive study related medical care and services. When you join a clinical study you also receive access to more personalized care.


Participant safety is the number one priority of any study.


Each study candidate is given an informed consent form to read. The Informed consent form describes in detail what is involved if you participate in the study. It describes the most common risks for the medication being studied and the potential benefits of participating in the study. You will be able to discuss the informed consent and ask questions prior to signing up for the study. The study staff and physician will help you fully understand the risks and benefits and your rights as a research participant. Participation in a clinical trial is voluntary. Your medical condition will be closely monitored throughout the study by experienced research staff and physicians. There are established safety parameters for each study. You may withdraw from the study at any time.​

Lenzmeier Family Medicine has successfully enrolled many studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas and our practice is pleased to offer our patients the unique opportunity to be a part of research and bringing new drugs to market.


Please contact our research office at 480-690-5704 today to find out which study opportunities we have available for you.

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